Eyes In The Ocean

February 14, 2016 | 2 Minute Read

“I had no courage to ask her. I don’t know whether I was afraid or too shy.”, wrote Teasa just after waking up the next day. It was again her dream that was bugging her all over. She wrote the dream just after walking up. In the dream, she was in a classroom with a bunch of friends and it was a history class. The teacher was talking about the Second World War and The Swastik flag. On her way back from school, a friend of her asked her to come over her place for dinner. At home, her mother was also getting ready for a dinner party of a marriage. Coincidentally, they figured out that they both were going the same place for dinner.

They went for the dinner together in the evening. It was a marriage reception of a relative. All faces were known. Her mother wanted her to take a picture with the bride and bridegroom. The bride’s eyes caught her attention. It was a Hindu marriage ceremony. The bride looked pretty beautiful and her eyes were down. When she used to take her eyes up, she looked terribly sad. “But thanks to her genius, you couldn’t have found her curiously sad look unless you observed her that closely.”, wrote Teasa. Whenever someone came near her, she could immediately put on a smile. The younger brother of the bridegroom helped him grab his suit. After wearing the suit, he looked here and there. He seemed obsessed with something. Perhaps the crowd was the reason behind his worry. Teasa again had a look at the bride. The bride also looked at her. “I saw her eyes speaking something out loud.” she wrote. Her eyes were brown. She seemed thirsty and hungry. Teasa looked up and found that there was no roof. She could see the moon. The moon was incredibly large in size. She could experience a cool breeze and she woke up.

As usual, a lot of questions were there in her mind. Later during the day, when she found the yesterday’s newspaper, she saw the pictures of planets taken from NASA. She found it as a possible explanation for the larger moon in her dream. But what was with that lady? She never had seen a woman like that bride in real life before. The look over her face was quite complex. Her eyes were saying something out loud about her immense sadness of getting married. Perhaps she was just trying to inform Teasa about the crowd, about someone in particular or about the moon. A lot of questions were unanswered. Teasa experienced some unknown faces in the dream. Who knows? They might be the ones with us in different forms, not in coherence with our laws of nature. It is our subconscious which lead us communicate with their real forms in dreams. The bride’s eyes led Teasa swim below the deepest ocean of thoughts and fly over the highest cloud of possibilities.