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  • June 30, 2015


    The light, coming from the window glass was so bright that Teasa could hardly notice anything that was written below each portrait at the museum. Teasa was not interested to go into that museum, but it was compulsory for all the students to atten...

  • June 19, 2015


    Teasa was getting ready for school. English teacher had given them an assignment, in which each one of them had to collect the history of a poet and present in front of the class. But, before the presentation, the teacher wanted to have a look at ...

  • June 16, 2015


    Inner peace was all she wanted. Teasa dreamed a place full of light sources and she found herself partially weightless. Her clone in that dream (She used to refer herself as a clone while dreaming) was fraught with danger without any reason. The f...

  • March 21, 2015


    The ocean in Teasa’s next dream was pretty wondrous to behold, calm enough, moderately unstable and pale blue in colour. The horizon was loudly speaking to her in disguise and told her that the world was not round. Teasa was constantly observing t...