March 21, 2015 | 1 Minute Read

The ocean in Teasa’s next dream was pretty wondrous to behold, calm enough, moderately unstable and pale blue in colour. The horizon was loudly speaking to her in disguise and told her that the world was not round. Teasa was constantly observing the end of that ocean, but all she got was a view fading exponentially from her eyes. She was capable enough to put her legs into the waters, but she was unable to watch her legs getting wet.

Countless efforts of watching farther resulted nothing but solitude. Once she had read about bees and their proximity of vision. But this was quite unexpected. The first view that she got, was the entire ocean with the proof of a flat world. Then, as time went on, the scene started fading away.

She could hear familiar voices calling her name. The voices were random and the noise was unfamiliar. She sat down and tried to see her face in the water, but failed. The water was too cold and the colour turned light red. Then, she stood up and again the water turned blue. She was at the verge of speaking, but again she heard her name. She started walking back and the voices were getting louder and louder, and one particular yet familiar voice called her name pretty louder that she woke up.

As usual, her mind was full of questions. Why the world seemed flat? What were the voices? Why the colour of the water turned light red? At last, she wrote the dream up to which she could remember and tried to relate and interpret the whole scenery with her pencil.