The Extra Dimension

January 25, 2015 | 1 Minute Read

Teasa dreamed again. This time very unusual and hard to explain. That morning she was reading an encyclopedia. Accidentally she went through the page of Pablo Picasso, the famous painter. She looked at a painting of some women. But she didn’t read the details of that one. She slept early that night and dreamed. In her dream, she was walking down a street and all of a sudden she happened to notice that a man with dark hair stopped near by with his bike. She stopped there. And, she saw something which was very much unusual. A woman came and sat on the back seat of that bike. Then, that man moved his head.

Teasa clearly observed that the woman was able to see the face and back of that man with the front view of that bike at the same time. Her eyes were red. It seemed like she was watching the man with great emotions. The concentration level of that woman was so intense that she was not able to hear anything else. Teasa was trying to tell something to them, but she failed and her voice couldn’t reach them.

Teasa woke up early and noted down what she had dreamed because she used to forget the exact content of her dreams. After school, she went through her notes and again a lot of questions were there in her mind. How can somebody watch the front and back of anyone completely simultaneously? Why that woman seemed to have no ears? Why her voice again faded away? After a long time, she concluded that the place where she was in her dream was governed by a completely different set of physical laws. She again opened her encyclopedia and went through that painting again. She read the details of that painting and she got shocked. Somehow she got her answers.