June 16, 2015 | 3 Minute Read

Inner peace was all she wanted. Teasa dreamed a place full of light sources and she found herself partially weightless. Her clone in that dream (She used to refer herself as a clone while dreaming) was fraught with danger without any reason. The feeling was spontaneous. The excitement in her eyes was so mutilated that she couldn’t be able to figure out, what was the reason behind her bad reminiscences of her early days? In short, she was unsure of the reason behind her fear towards the future time or towards the light sources in her dream. She found her alone for sometime and as usual she heard very familiar voices and with each voice, she was witnessing a particular light going partially bright. After that, she found herself all alone in a street full of sky-scrapers and cars. People were moving here and there with full pace. She was witnessing a couple of known faces, who she had met before in her school. To her surprise, an old man came out of nowhere with a sneer in his face. He seemed neurotically obssessed with her.

The face was not familiar, but that old man knew her before. He had a pale skin and a long beard and he was ugly. She didn’t remember, what that old man told her, while they met. All she remembered was that, she was in a house and it was pretty dark. The house was exactly like the house where she and her family used to live couple of years ago. The house was small with a wide entrance and a narrower room ahead of it. At the end of the room, there was a wide and comparatively large area, the passageway to the other rooms. To the left, there was the kitchen. She found herself somewhere between the passage way and the entrance. As she had been able to figure out the place as their old residence, she made her way to the entrance, though it was extremely dark. All of a sudden, she saw that same old man sitting at the entrance with his legs stretched out and he seemed to have a morbid fascination towards something. The scene was extremely scary and Teasa was at the verge of crying. She looked back to get some help, but all that she got was a “not so pellucid” view of her old residence. She was not able to scream as well. There was a small window right beside the main door and she was looking through it from time to time.

Then she began to remember about that house. She remembered that uncle Ben was moving with his family into that same house that they had left. Her thinking about reality, led her to the question of her existence at that same place with no one in there. She again felt partially weightless and it seemed like she was going down steps and she woke up. It was a horrible dream with so many questions. Why did she find herself in that house suddenly after meeting that old man? Or the scene was so evanescent that she could hardly remember what happened along the way? A lot of questions were unanswered, but she never lost hope to find out a possible answer to all the questions she had in her mind.